Idiots Are Us

By IFQ Critic Todd Konrad

Seamlessly working its way into the much-loved buddy comedy family, Idiots Are Us is a punk rock fueled romp. The film stars Scott Schiaffo and Michael Russin as Mo and Doyle, a pair of thirty-something idiots who dream of rock superstardom while trying to manage their daily lives. Along with their friend and bass player Kira (Katrina Yaukey), the trio are known as Puke Gut, the baddest punk rock band you have never heard of. Stuck without gigs or any real chance of breaking through, Mo and Doyle find a silver lining to their dark cloud when Doyle’s brother calls out of the blue asking for a favor. Put in charge of his co-worker’s bachelor party, Doyle’s brother calls asking for his assistance in providing the entertainment, namely the female stripping sort.

Doyle agrees but only if the band can play. Reluctantly, Doyle’s brother agrees but little does he know that fouler plans are afoot. What no one realizes is that a scheming lawyer at the firm that Doyle’s brother and friend work at is plotting to sabotage the pending nuptials for his own gain. Tricking Mo and Doyle into contacting a local pimp whom he’s in league with, the lawyer plans to have the groom kidnapped and finger the blame on our two numb-skulled heroes. The pair fall all too easily into the trap but with what they may lack in intelligence they make up for in perseverance.

Together with Kira in tow, the friends set out to find the missing groom and redeem themselves and in doing so become the heroes that no one ever thought they could be. Packed with slacker humor, the film succeeds via the interplay between the two leads; Schiaffo and Russin imbue their characters with a bulldog charm that’s irresistible. Another important component in the film’s success is Yaukey’s performance as Kira, she is clearly the brains of the operation and is forced into some rather uncomfortably situations while posing undercover to investigate on behalf of the guys. Yet she is quick witted and fully capable of holding her own with her male costars. All in all, the film is small on pompousness and big on heart. For anybody who’s in the mood for a solid, indie comedy that delivers what it promises, you certainly won’t go wrong with Idiots Are Us.

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